*disclaimer: i am using a combo of machine tls and dictionaries. im not a translator or a writer particularly. id like to get better over time*

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December 2022 Event Log in Story 1

Heathcliff: This design is lovely. The little snowflake-looking pattern here is especially beautiful.

Chloe: Right! That one's my favourite. I'm glad you like it too Heath!

Arthur: Chloe? Heathcliff? What are you doing?

Heathcliff: Hello, prince Arthur. Chloe was just giving me this stocking he made.

Arthur: Stocking...? It's pretty big for a stocking isn't it?

Chloe: Fufu. Actually, they aren't for your feet. Has the Sage told you about their world's Christmas?

Arthur: Of course! That's the day when noble Santa Claus comes to bring children presents.

Heathcliff: Yes, if you leave a stocking at the end of your bed, he'll put presents inside.

Chloe: It sounds fun, so we thought we'd try making some stockings too. But this one's not quite done yet. Suispius oitingoc

Heathcliff: Ah! It's shining...!

Chloe: Heath, Arthur, could one of you try putting something inside?

Heathcliff: I.... Ok. Well, how about these sweets I bought earlier? .....woah!

Arthur: It moved! It looks as if it's bowing to Heathcliff.

Chloe: Mhm! Santa Claus leaves presents while we're sleeping right? So I thought the stockings could thank him for us.

Heathcliff: It's true, I do feel a little bad for being asleep when he visits...

Arthur: Indeed... I want to jump for joy and spin around in circles to show him how grateful I am for having received a gift. This will surely be a pleasant surprise for Santa Claus, wonderful work Chloe.

Chloe: Yay!! I was planning to make some for you and everyone else.

Heath: aaa the stocking's running away! It's gone off towards the courtyard.

Arthur: Does it want to show everyone the sweets? It seemed quite pleased.

Chloe: I wonder if I got too excited casting the spell..........

Heathcliff: Ahaha, that's so like you. I really like the stocking, it moves in such a cute way.

Arthur: There may be all sorts of stockings running around once they're all filled with presents.

Chloe: What?? No way!! Could there be??

Arthur: Fufu. Chasing after them sounds like fun. Let's go find Heathcliff's first.

Heathcliff: It does. And Chloe... if you wouldn't mind, I'd be happy to help with the rest of the stockings.

It may be difficult coming up with designs and enchanting them all by yourself.

Arthur: I can help too! I'm sure we can make them full of personality if all we try our spells.

Chloe: Two extra pairs of hands... Yes, of course! Thank you both. Together we can make some wonderfully stylish and fun stockings!

Arthur & Heathcliff: You're Welcome!

December 2022 Event Log in Story 2

White: Add a little sprinkle of this.... and we're finished!

Shino: Something smells good. What're you making?

White: Oh Shino, these are my most favourite churros, they're a bit special today.

Shino: Special..?

White: Indeed, these churros are spiced with magic.

Every time you eat one, you'll feel either a little happier or a little sadder.

Shino: .....so you cursed it? I can't believe you'd go out of your way to do that, you're sick in the head. [1]

White: No no, it's not dangerous at all. It's simply a little gag. The previous sage was fond of this kind of entertainment you know. The spice came tumbling out while I was organising the kitchen drawers.

The flavour is rather addictive as well, why not try it for yourself?

Shino: ...Well, I'll take your word for it. I was getting hungry anyway.

Here goes.

...tasty! And I feel kinda nice. This is fun. The whole thing puts me on edge a bit though.

White: A full stomach always brings joy. The spice must have reacted to your feelings.

Shino: omnomnom... it's freshly fried, and not too sweet or too heavy either.

Hey, can i have some more? I'll leave enough for the two of you.

White: The two of us?

Shino: You made so much, so I thought you were going to share with Snow.

I haven't seen you both together much lately though. Are you fighting again?

White: ....No that's not why, but it's as you say. I was planning to give these to Snow.

He's been off doing something by himself lately so I thought I'd surprise him with my special churros. Though, it seems that he's out today...

Shino: heh. Still, it'd be a waste not to eat them fresh. Plus, there's a lot. Why not eat some while they're good?

White: ....you're right. I'll have one then I suppose, since I went to the trouble of cooking them.

omnomnom.... Oh I'm rather enjoying myself too, I sense this may become a habit afterall.

Shino: I don't know if I'll ever be satisfied by a normal churro again.

White: Exactly, exactly. It's thanks to you that I'm able to enjoy eating this now, Shino.

Shino: What are you talking about?

White: Hohoho, I'm talking about what you just did! [2]

[1] im not sure about this line at all honestly. the reaction seems harsh for what's going on. 呪いがかかってるってことか? わざわざそんなものふりかけるなんて、あんたももの好きだな。is the original. "You mean it's cursed? I can't believe you went to the trouble of sprinkling that stuff on me. You're a real sucker for that kind of stuff, aren't you?" is what deepl gave me. but 1) white didn't sprinkle it on shino. and 2) the last part doesn't feel in line with his speech pattern i think.

[2] he says something along the lines of "i'm talking about this (situation)" but that doesn't read super clearly in my opinion.

December 2022 Event Log in Story 3

Mitile: ......

Cain: Yo, Mitile. Why so fidgety?

Mitile: Mr Cain, Sir Oz!

Oz: Pay attention when you're walking. You'll fall.

Mitile: Sorry.. I'm sorry. Uh, have either of you seen a little bird around?

Cain: Little bird?

Mitile: Yeah. I heard one but I can't see it. The cry was weak. I was wondering if it might be hurt...

Cain: Hm, I'm curious about the lil guy too. We'll join in on the search. We've got some time before we have to meet up with Arthur and the rest.

Oz: Me aswell?

Mitile: Do you two have plans? You don't need to help then it's ok...

Cain: No we're just going to have some tea. Riquet's going to be there, you come too if you want Mitile. I bought some nice leaves.

Mitile: Is that really ok? I'm so happy!

Cain: Of course! I'm sure Riquet will be pleased to see you, so let's check on the bird and go have tea.

Mitile: Yeah! Did you hear something just now...?

Cain: Oh! I did! That's our guy... his leg's hurt. That's why his cry's so weak.

Mitile: I need to get Dr Figaro for help quickly...

Oz: Vox Nox

Mitile & Cain: !

Mitile: The bird's healing... thank you Sir Oz!

Oz: I only did what needed to be done. There's no need to thank me.

Mitile: What a beautiful chirp... so this is what it really sounds like.

Cain: Yeah. I'm sure he's singing as thanks to Oz.

Oz: You don't understand the language of birds.

Mitile: That's true but.. I feel grateful too. He looks so happy!

Cain: It sounds really good. If you listen closely it's like he's singing... hmmm~ hm.

Mitile: Woah! The bird's singing along with you! And look at its belly. It's yellow liike the sun, that's unusual.

Cain: You don't see these around very often. Maybe it flew in from a forest a while away.

Mitile: He's such a pretty colour, and he sings beautifully. Riquet's going to love him! Can I take him to the tea party?

Cain: For sure. He'll be a lovely guest. Arthur's gonna love him too, right Oz?

Oz: ..Mm. It's about time to meet with the others.

Cain: Oh you're right. Well let's go... oh?

Oz: ......

Mitile: The bird perched on Sir Oz's head...

Cain: Haha! He likes you. Nice one, Oz!

Oz: ....Sure. Anyway, Riquet is strict on tardiness, so I'll be leaving now.

Cain: Alright!

Mitile: Yeah!