recipes i want to try

looking to try more breads in general
pear, walnut,
and blue cheese, tart
havent made a tart before, or cooked with pear. i dont really like walnuts so i may sub them for a different nut
courgette and lemon
yeah i dunno. just seems tasty
breakfast egg muffins
not Super into meal prep but. would be so nice to have breakfast ready in advance
honey soy
baked chicken thighs
ough... honey soy

recipes i have made before

these were my good friends for a while when i wanted chocolate and only had cocoa powder
cheesy garlic
only made this once but it was good. its huge though
baked apples
again only once. but they were so good. love apples
banana bread
bananas never last long enough in my house to make this any more...